Here is a sound clip of the Mojo Vibe.                 
This clip was done with a 62 reissue limited edition Fender Stratocaster fitted
with factory installed Texas Special pickups into the Mojo Vibe and then into a
Nobels OD1-R. A black face Fender combo with 1x12" EV speaker was used
for amplification. A Shure SM-57 about 6" away from the speaker into a Mackie
mixer (for mic pre-amp only) directly into a Gina sound card into Cakewalk Sonar
was used for recording. No eq was added.

Mojo Demo  Trower Song Bridge Of Sighs

This is an old demo of the Ultra Vibe.
"Machine Gun" Vibe Demo


My friend and fellow Motor City guitarist Michael Katon sent me some clips from his
latest album, in which he uses the Mojo Vibe extensively. These are a little large but well
worth the download. Thanks  Michael !

Luv A Dog

Need It Awful Bad


My friend Jimmie Davis does a GREAT tune here that so reminds me of Hendrix.
It's called Whisper's In The Rain written and performed by Jimmie Davis

Whisper's In The Rain


Another friend and Mojo Vibe user Lou Vena sent this one along, it's atmospheric with the use of a delay also.
Thanks Lou !

Lou Vena


Here are some clips done for me by my friend and legendary studio guitarist Bill Hullett.
They show a wide array settings and a nice bluesy country style. Thank you Bill for taking the time.
He was using a Telecaster with a Clay Hullett 59 Bassman.
Mojo Vibe in Vintage Mode
Mojo Vibe in Modern Mode
Mojo Vibe Fast Speed Moderate Intensity Vintage Mode
Mojo Vibe Fast Speed Moderate Intensity Modern Mode
Mojo Vibe Vibrato Vintage Mode
Mojo Vibe Vibrato Modern Mode



My friend Josh Smith did some demo's for me of the Mojo Vibe in action. Some
of these are quite large in size but they are worth the download time if for nothing
more that to listen to Josh play. One of the most tasteful players I know of, and he
uses effects in very tasteful way also. Enjoy!

Mojo Vibe - Super Reverb + Marshall

Mojo Vibe - Balance Fuzz

Angel (Cot-Mojo Vibe-Real Leslie) Super Reverb+Marshall


Here are a few clips I did of the prototype MoFaux vibe (please do not link to these
as they will be gone soon as I get a chance to do some new ones)

MoFaux Slow (in stereo)

MoFaux Medium (in stereo)

MoFaux - Cry Baby > MoFaux > Habenero Boost  > Unfinished overdrive > Amp (60's Black Face Fender)