For the most 3-D sounding vibes available

Sweet Sound was created from Bob Sweet's love of music and his dedication to quality and sound.

It started in a small midwestern town outside of Detroit Mich, when as a young boy he heard someone playing a guitar and a new world of sound opened. In the mid 70's, Bob became one of the areas finest guitarist and musician known for his exceptional ear. In his search for the right sound he began making his own effect pedals. Through the years, he became a well respected pedal maker best known for his Mojo Vibes and Ultra Vibes. By the 90's, his pedal business, now known as Sweet Sound, had grown from local, to national, to international.

In 2007 Bob was diagnosed with cancer and died eight months later. Through the kindness, generousity, and support of the pedal world, Sweet Sound has continued. The Sweet family is honored to keep Sweet Sound in our hearts and by the grace of God at your feet, with dedication to continued excellent craftmanship, quality, and sound.

We are proud to announce, we are now being carried at Guitar Center Logo Platinum and Boutique stores.
Out of the many great sounding Vibe's, Guitar Center, chose Sweet Sound.

Special thanks to:
George from PedalworX, for being generous with his knowledge and his friendship. Richard ,A stained glass artists by trade, who has along with his talent and friendship brought a incredible amount of resources to Sweet Sound. Mike, Analogman Teddy, Musictoyz-Dave, Guitar Adoptions-Gary, Amp shop- Cory, PrymaxeVintage- Darren. Johanson for his beautiful Swirls.

To all our Dealers thank you, but most especially to you, for your continuing faith in Sweet Sound

Barbara Sweet
Gerald Sweet

babcad@bellsouth.net or b0bsweet@bellsouth.net
remember the o is a zero.