MoFaux Vibe

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The MoFaux Vibe is designed for the musician that wants the basic Original Uni-Vibe sound  in an
economical and small package. While not a "true" original Uni-Vibe circuit it does get surprisingly
close and is not meant to be a full blown Vibe such as the Mojo Vibe. Below are a few clips I did of the
prototype MoFaux vibe.

9 volt DC adapter or 9 volt battery operation
Hand matched FET transistors to insure full spectrum sweep
True Bypass for the cleanest possible signal when bypassed
Very small foot print

Stereo samples were made by splitting the guitar signal and running through two MoFaux Vibes into two separate  amps

MoFaux Slow (in stereo)

MoFaux Medium (in stereo)

MoFaux - Cry Baby > MoFaux > Habenero Boost  > Unfinished overdrive > Amp (60's Black Face Fender)


$150.00 includes shipping for continental US


$170.00 includes shipping for outside continental US (Canada, Hawaii, Alaska etc..)